Circuits of the past Travel Guide

What will you discover in this free e-book?

In the "Circuits of the past Travel Guide" I take you to 5 abandoned circuits in 5 different countries. I tell you how to get there, what you can expect and where to think about.

  • Unique information from my own experience
  • Tips for a good preparation
  • Tips what there is to see
  • Tips about legal and safety issues
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Which circuits are covered?


The most known circuit ruine is old Reim-Gueux in Northern France. The best is that all buildings are preserved as a reminder of a bygone era. Every nostalgic set motorsport fan should visit this site at least once in his life!


I visited the old Nivelles-Baulers circuit for the first time in 1998 when track, pits and control tower were still intact. This abandoned race track brought me to the idea for this website. Unfortunately, the track is being converted in a business park, so you have to hurry to see the last remains.

Roskilde Ring

There is not much left of the old Roskilde Ring. However, it is still an interesting place to be. For the detectives among us there is still something to discover from the good old days. In my e-book I help you to find the last remains of the track.


The pits of the old Brno-Masarym street circuit is still in tact and legally accessible. You can also drive the old version because it is public road. In my e-book I bring you to a special place along the pre-war version of the track. Here it seems time has stand still, which gives you the feeling a Silver Arrow from the 30's can arrive every moment.

Nürburgring Südschleife

A special circuit ruine is the Nürburgring Südschleife. We all know the famous Nordschleife and the current Grand Prix Circuit. But once the Südschleife was also part of this legendary race track. In my e-book I tell you what's left of it and how to find the forgotten part of the Nürburgring.

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