Circuits of the past keeps te memories alive to the bygone circuits of the past! But to continue my work for the lost circuits I need income. One of the sources of income are the Google ads, but that yields very little. So I need your support! In this article I tell you how you can support my work, for free and paid.

Ways to support me for free


You can support me by subscribe to my YouTube channel and watch my video’s. If you don’t skip the advertisements I got income. Also watch the full video, it will increase my total watchtime. Oh and if you subscribe, click also on the bell icon, then you don’t miss my new videos from the bygone circuits of the past.

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Ways to support me with money

Buy my merchandise

You can help me by buying my merchandise. I sell an Ebook, T-shirts, mugs, caps and more.

If you buy my Ebook you got an unique story about the person behind this website. I take you with me on a journey along the classic race circuits of Europe. The story starts with illegal driving on the TT Circuit of Assen.

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I also sell very cool self designed products. The collection contains T-shirts, caps and mugs from lost race circuits.

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You can support me on Patreon, for only 2 Dollar per month. In return you get special updates and sneak previews from track visits, new videos and new articles.

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You can also support my work by making a donation.

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Which option you choose, I'm very greatfull for all kinds of help!

Herman Liesemeijer