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Today, September 19, 2013, it is exactly ten years ago that the first version of the “Circuits of the past” website was launched. Then as MSN Group, and only in Dutch language…

The old logo

Circuits of the past MSN Group

Those early day’s most content was about Nivelles-Baulers and old Zandvoort because I had mainly material from these circuits. In the in the subsequent years I visited more historic circuits. A high was my visit to the banked oval of Sitges Terramar in Spain in the summer of 2008. Who wants to know what I ‘ve been through there, I recommend the article “Sitges Terramar – Track Visit 2008“.

Circuits of the past MSN Group 2003 - 2008The MSN-Group

A real website

In a short time, “Circuits of the past” became a popular MSN Group and it was time to go international. So an English version was launched on Januari 22, 2004. I had already the idea to make a real website of “Circuits of the past” soon or later. But when MSN announced to stop with the MSN Groups at the end of 2008, I had to.

So I needed to learn how to build a website. The first version was a simple HTML-site under the domain name The design was criticized by some visitors. So an improved version came a year later and early 2012 a modern CMS version was launched.

Circuits of the past HTML site 2008 - 2009The first HTML site

In 2013 I start to make “Circuits of the past” commercial and advertisements and a web shop appeared. I also offer the possibility to organize a visit to historic circuits with “Circuits of the past Tours”.

The new site was expanded with a blog where I post reports of circuit visits. What the future will bring? There are plans for a new web shop and to publish a book. I don’t think about stopping so up to the next ten years.

Circuits of the past HTML site 2009 - 2012The second HTML site

I wish to thank everyone who visited my website, contributed to the website, sent me an e-mail or participated in the discussions on the forum and Facebook.

Herman Liesemeijer

PS: This is a relocated version of a blog post from 2013 at an older version of the website. However, feel free to leave a reaction below 😉

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