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It was Thursday August 6, 2015. Earlier that day I leaved Francorchamps. My vacation was almost finished, but one tiny trip on the way back home was planned. Therefore I crossed the German border near the Southern Dutch city of Roermond, on my way to Wegberg. There was in the 50’s a very fast street circuit, called the Grenzlandring.

My first visit to the Grenzlandring

My first visit to the Grenzlandring was in 2004. I had just bought a VW Corrado, with which I had a lot of fun on the German Autobahn. See also my blog “Grenzlandring 2004”. On the way back from the Nürburgring I visit the Grenzlandring. At twilight I made a photo reportage of a complete lap.

Grenzlandrng Wegberg Germany - Beecker Kurve

This time it was a beautuful summer day, and the VW Corrado was replaced by a Mazda MX 3 V6. After a short ride on the Autobahn I exit near Wegberg. Immidiately after the first intersection I saw the Police. An officer motioned me to turn right. There I had to join a line of other cars.

The police trap

It was clear to me that I ended up into a large police control. Given that I was standing in a line, I feared for a moment that this could cost me a lot of time. But it was not that bad. An officer came immediately to me and asked me if I speak German. Because I speak this language fluently, I could confirm this.

His next question was if I use drugs, which I had to deny. Unfortunately, my country has a bad reputation concerning drugs. Then he asked politely if he could have a look inside the car. While he was doing that he asked questions about the goal of my journey and where I spend my vacation. I told him that I leaved Francorchamps that morning. “Bei der Rennstrecke” (By the circuit) I said to clarify. But he shrugged. Apparently not a race fan. But even then you should have heard of Spa-Francorchamps in my opinion.

After this short delay I continue my way to Wegberg. Underway I see different speed traps. It seems that the speed limit is stricktley enforced here. When I’m arrived at the former Grenzlandring I see near Start/Finish another speed trap.

Grenzlandrng Wegberg Germany - Roermonder Kurve

Speed traps, low speed limits and hay wagons…

High speeds are something from the past, here at was once Europe’s fastest street circuit. The’re allways low speed limits from 50 and 70 Km/h. Only at one section 100 Km/h, the general speed limit outside the urban areas in Germany, is allowed.

Nevertheless, I start in good spirits filming a lap. On the Erkelenz Straight I came behind a slow hay wagon which was blocking the view. Unfortunately, there was no possibility to pass so I was forced to do another lap.

But it was not the only hay wagon that would disturb my video. At the end I had to do 4 laps at the 6 Miles parcours before I recorded a reasonable lap. And also that lap started behind a hay wagon! But fortunately I was able to overtake that on the first straight, so a 5th lap was not neccesary.

Memorial accident Grenzlandring 1952

After filming I brought a visit to the memorial in honour of the victims of a huge crash in 1952. On this spot German driver Helmut Niedermayr crashed on August 31, 1952 into the crowd, killing 13 spectators and wounded 42. More about this accident on the Grenzlandring page.

On August 31, 2012 this memorial was unveiled on the site of the accident. After I took some pictures I drove back in the direction of the Dutch border. Besides this memorial there is nothing that still recalls the former destination of this stretch of road.

Grenzlandring memorial

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Herman Liesemeijer

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