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The Tarzan Corner may be the most famous corner at Zandvoort. The corner where all drivers talk about is the Scheivlak Corner. The sprint over the Hunzerug, full throttle through the Rob Slotemaker Corner, the short braking at the top of the dune and than at high speed through the Scheivlak Corner with its elevations. That all makes this section to one of the most beautiful sections of a race track in the world!

The early years of the Scheivlak Corner

Since the Zandvoort Circuit opened in 1948 the Scheivlak Corner (in Dutch just Scheivlak) was part of it. The name Scheivlak comes from the old Dutch word for border “scheidingsvlak” or “scheivlak”. On this site was a border between the public dunes and the private property of the Young Lord Quarles van Ufford (See also the article about the corner names of Zandvoort). The corner self have never been modified, they only enlarged the run off area several times.

Scheivlak Corner
The Scheivlak Corner in the 60’s

The Scheivlak Corner abandoned in the 90’s

When in 1989 the track became shortened, the so called interim circuit, the Scheivlak was no longer in use and was leaved abandoned between the sand dunes. Years of uncertainty about the fate of this part of the track followed. There were plans to use a part of the abandoned section again, but there was a lot of opposition. When finally in 1999 the new circuit was opened the Scheivlak was recovered to its old glory. See also “The layout of the Zandvoort Circuit“.

Scheivlak Corner abandoned during the 90's
The abandoned Scheivlak Corner in the 90’s.

The Scheivlak revived!

When in the late nineties the plans for the layout of the new track get established, some engineers came with the idea to level down the Scheivlak to reduce costs for the sound walls. But the direction of the circuit found that the original character of this unique corner may not be damaged (bravo!). As a result of that the Scheivlak is still the same as in 1948.

Scheivlak Corner today
The Scheivlak today.

Action at the Scheivlak during the 2016 Easter Races.

© Text: Herman Liesemeijer  Pictures: Vera Lodder (60’s) & Herman Liesemeijer.

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