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A photo tour at the old Keimola Circuit in Finland, made by Lauri Vartiainen. He made this tour long before the abandoned race track was demolished. On the site is now a residential area.

Keimola Circuit Map

Keimola Circuit - Start/Finish
We start our lap at the abandoned Keimola Circuit at Start/Finish.

Keimola Circuit - First Corner
Hard braking for the first corner named Eteläkaarre, which is Finnish for Southern Corner.

Keimola Circuit - Pit Entry
On the left side is the entrance of the pit lane. Start/Finish and the pit lane were not on the same straight at the Keimola Circuit.

Keimola Circuit - Pit Exit
Left of the white line is the exit of the pit lane.

Keimola Circuit - Pit Corner
The corner after the pit exit is named Varikkokaarre, which means Pit Corner.

Keimola Circuit Keimola Circuit - VW Corner
The name of this corner is VW-Mutka (VW Corner). Left of this corner was the kart track, where the carriere of Finnish Formula 1 driver Mika Häkkinen started.

Keimola Circuit - Curres Corners Keimola Circuit - Curres Corners
This series of corners was named Curren Kurvit, Curres Corners.

Keimola Circuit - BP Corner
And this is the BP-Mutka. Yes, that means BP Corner.

Keimola Circuit Keimola Circuit - Sauna Circle
The last corner of the Keimola Circuit was a 180 degrees corner, named Saunalenkki.  Saunalenkki means literally Sauna-Circle, which is actually a place were they held a BBQ. Probably here was a BBQ place in the past, or the shape of the corner remined someone to a BBQ circle.

Keimola Circuit - Main Straight
We’re back on the main straight to the Start/Finish.

Keimola Circuit - Start/Finish
And here ends our lap on the abandoned Keimola Circuit. As you can see, on the Start/Finish line was a barricade, probably to prevent illegal racing.

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© Text: Herman Liesemeijer Pictures: Lauri Vartiainen

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