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A photo tour around the Pescara Circuit. This former street circuit in Italy was the longest circuit that ever hosted a Formula One Grand Prix. The photos are made by Herman Liesemeijer, on a very hot summer day in 2007.

Pescara Circuit MapThe layout of the Pescara Circuit. Check also my other article for the History of Pescara.

Pescara Circuit: Start/Finish

Pescara Circuit - Start/FinishWe start our lap at the Pescara Circuit on the main straight, where the Start/Finish line was painted again! I guess for a cycling race, or maybe a revival…

Pescara Circuit - Long straight

The first corner

Pescara Circuit - First cornerAfter 1.3 km (0.8 Mile) we see the first corner.

Pescara Circuit - First cornerPescara CircuitAfter the first corner a short straight with at the end a railroad bridge.

Pescara Circuit - Railroad BridgeImmediately after the railroad bridge we turn left.

Pescara Circuit - Railway StationPescara Circuit - Railway StationShall we pass left or right? The huge building on the left side is the Pescara Railway Station.

Pescara Circuit - Railway StationPescara Circuit - Right turn to Villa RaspaWe turn right to Villa Raspa.

Pescara Circuit - Run to Villa RaspaPescara Circuit - Villa RaspaAfter a 1 Mile (1.6 km) sprint we turn right at Villa Raspa, into the direction of Spoltore.

Into the countryside

Pescara Circuit - Villa RaspaJust a few buildings and than we go into the countryside…

Pescara Circuit - Crossing the SS16 HighwayIn front a bridge over the SS16 highway.

Pescara CircuitPescara Circuit - Great series of cornersAfter a series of fast kinks through the rolling landscape, we’re reaching a great series of corners…

Pescara Circuit - Great series of cornersPescara Circuit - SpoltoreA few kilometres further we’re reaching the village of Spoltore, 185 metres (607 Feet) above sea level. It’s the highest point of the Pescara Circuit!

Pescara Circuit - SpoltorePescara Circuit - SpoltorePescara Circuit - SpoltoreIn front of the church we turn right…

Pescara Circuit - SpoltoreAnd here we leave Spoltore.

Pescara Circuit - Crossing the A14 HighwayThe straight in front goes  over a tunnel from the Autostrada (highway) A14.

Pescara CircuitThis is the beginning of the most beautiful and challenging part of the Pescara Circuit. This section contains many different types of curves and elevation changes!

Pescara Circuit - Elevation changesThis picture has been taken from opposite direction and gives a good idea of the elevation changes at this part of the Pescara Circuit!

Pescara Circuit - Run to the hairpinAt the end of this fast section, a tight hairpin is waiting…

A memorial to the Pescara Circuit

Pescara Circuit - MemorialJust before the hairpin, a memorial recalls the good old days of the Pescara Circuit…

Pescara Circuit - HairpinThere’s the hairpin!

The ride through Cappelle sul Tavo

Pescara Circuit - Cappelle sul TavoShort after the hairpin we enter the picturesque Italian village of Cappelle sul Tavo. The picture above has been taken from a higher point, against the driving direction.

Pescara Circuit - Cappelle sul TavoThe picture above shows the beautiful main street of Cappelle sul Tavo. We look against the driving direction.

Pescara Circuit - Cappelle sul TavoThe first one of the two hairpins in Cappelle sul Tavo.

Pescara Circuit - Cappelle sul Tavo Pescara Circuit - Cappelle sul Tavo Pescara Circuit - Cappelle sul TavoHere we leave the village of Cappelle sul Tavo. In front a series of fast kinks…

Pescara CircuitHere the last one of a series of very fast kinks, seen from the opposite direction. Unfortunately it was not possible to make a stop on the previous kinks. This one is  leading to the 4 Mile straight. Today there is a roundabout after this corner!

The Flying Kilometer

Pescara Circuit - Long straightHere we cross the A14 highway again.

Pescara Circuit - Flying KilometerOn this straight was the so called “Flying Kilometer“!

Pescara Circuit - MontesilvanoAfter the 4 mile straight we have to brake very hard at Montesilvano…

Pescara Circuit - MontesilvanoPescara Circuit - Long straightFull throttle on the next long straight!

The first chicane in te world was at the Pescara Circuit!

Pescara Circuit - Site of the first ever chicaneAfter a 2.5 Mile (4 km) long straight, we have to make a detour to reduce speed at Start/Finish. Actually, the Pescara Circuit was the first circuit with an artificial chicane in the world. And it was right here!

Pescara Circuit - Start/Finish StraightAnd than we’re back at the point we started our lap at the Pescara Circuit!
If you are curious how I made this photo tour, than read my blog post: “The longest F1 track ever: Pescara Circuit, Italy“.

© Text & pictures: Herman Liesemeijer

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